About NeVA

NeVA is a work-flow system deployed on NIC Cloud, MeghRaj which helps the Chair of the House to conduct the proceedings of the House smoothly, Hon’ble Members to carry out their duties in the House efficiently and to conduct Legislative Business of the House in a Paperless manner.

NeVA is a device neutral and member centric application created to equip them to handle diverse House Business smartly by putting entire information regarding member contact details, rules of procedure, list of business, notices, bulletins, bills, starred/unstarred questions and answers, papers laid, committee reports etc. in their hand held devices/ tablets and equip all Legislatures/ Departments to handle it efficiently. NeVA will completely eliminate the process of sending out a notice/request for collection of data.

The application hosts a secure page for each Member of the House for submitting questions & other notices.
The aim of the project is to bring all the legislatures of the country together, in one platform thereby creating a massive data depository without having the complexity of multiple applications.

mNeVA is a user-friendly Mobile App of NeVA which is available on Android as well as on iOS. mNeVA has made information on the conduct of business in Legislatures accessible anytime, anywhere to everyone.

NeVA Promoting Swachch Bharat Sustainable Development

Paperless Legislature Several thousand tons of papers would be saved, which in turn would help in saving lakhs of trees annually promoting cleanliness and achievement of UNDP Sustainable Development Goals(SDG).

Concept of One Nation-One Application

"A real time detail of the working of all the houses should be available to the common citizen and also to all the houses of the country. For this a modern digital platform has been developed in the form of National e-Vidhan Application."

PM Speech during 82nd All India Presiding Officers’ Conference Himachal Pradesh

"The National E Vidhan Application i.e. NeVA will commence a new era in the legislatives businesses of the democratic processes in the country."

President during budget session Speech:

Capacity Building/Hand Holding support by CPMU, NeVA

  • Orientation Workshop & Training Given to State/UTs.
  • Regular Video Conferencing support for clearing doubts of State/UTs working on various modules of NeVA.
  • User manuals/video tutorials uploaded on NeVA website for helping users by Dedicated MYNeVA page.